Arts and Sciences

The Arts provide beauty, pageantry, and that medieval flavor to everything we do in the SCA. As an educational group, the Arts & Sciences provide focus for teaching and learning. Have you been wondering how to make a particular garment? Interested in trying your hand at calligraphy? How about metal work or historic cooking techniques? Contact our officer and they will happily point you in the direction of someon with the information you seek!

Arts & Science classes are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Please check the calendar for upcoming class dates and details.

Helpful Links

Society Arts & Sciences – external link to the Society Arts & Sciences webpage.

Research Links – listing of external websites for general research and resources

Gleann Abhann Arts & Sciences Library Page – Documents to help get you started with research and Gleann Abhann A&S competitions.

Gleann Abhann Apprentice & Artisan Hotline – an unofficial Facebook discussion group for the artisan’s of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

Grey Niche Arts Practice – an unofficial Facebook discussion group for the artisans of the Barony of Grey Niche