Office of the Reeve

Greetings! I am Lord Cadhla Ó Faoláin (pronounced Collie O Fay-len)
I serve the Barony of Grey Niche as the Reeve (also called Exchequer). I am essentially the treasurer for the Barony of Grey Niche.


The Reeve is charged with preparing and submitting all required financial reports with the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. Also, the Reeve conducts all Financial Committee meetings, which typically are conducted within the framework of the regularly scheduled Baronial business meetings.


It is the policy of the office that any proposals that require a Financial Committee vote will be published through the official Yahoo groups and Baronial website 7 days prior to the meeting that the vote will be called. This allows the potential members of the financial committee to make arrangements to attend, should they wish, or send in a Proxy Vote.

The Baronial Financial Policy (pdf)

Below are some tools that the members of Grey Niche may utilize to streamline any business they may have with the Office of the Reeve.

All forms are subject to review by the Reeve before publication or action is taken. These forms are for the convenience of the Reeve to conduct the business of his office, and are not considered “official”.

Reimbursement Requests

Reimbursement requests are for the submitting of receipts for reimbursements only.
All original receipts and a completed Grey Niche Cash Voucher (Downloadable here) must be submitted in person to the Reeve and/or Financial Committee before any funds will be issued.
Advances are to be requested in person before the Financial Committee.


Financial Committee agenda request

Requests to to be considered and added to the Financial Committee agenda, to be debated and voted on at a business meeting, can be emailed to .