Financial Committee Agenda

Baronial Financial Policy states that all paid SCA members living within the Barony are considered Financial Committee members. Proxy voting IS allowed. To facilitate proxy voting, an agenda will be published by the Reeve on the Baronial Yahoo group and Baronial website a minimum of 7 days prior to a Financial Committee Meeting (which is held during Baronial Business meetings). Full mundane names of individuals involved will NOT be published in these forums.

Proxy votes MUST include the following:
1) Proof of current SCA membership. Electronic images (jpg or PDF files) or photocopies are acceptable forms.
2) The name or description of the agenda item published, along with a YES or NO vote for that item. Multiple items may be in the same letter, but should be listed individually with it’s corresponding vote.

Proxy votes MUST be sent to the Reeve in 1 of 3 ways.
1) By E-Mail: Baronial members may e-mail your Yes or No vote along with proof of current SCA membership to NO LATER than the day before the scheduled vote.
2) By written / signed letter:  This letter should be in a sealed envelope, and delivered by a Baronial member attending the meeting at which the vote is taking place.
3) By US Mail: You may mail your vote. The Baronial mailbox WILL be checked in the afternoon of the day of the vote by the Reeve. However, any votes that arrive late will be NULL and VOID and not counted. Be aware of this possibility when mailing votes and ensure ample time for the US Postal service to deliver.

Address of Baronial Mailbox
Barony of Grey Niche
PO Box 11184
Memphis, TN 38111

There is currently NO financial comittee agenda.