The Order of Precedence and Roll of Arms

The following listing contains only those awards that are presetly displayed in the Gleann Abhann Hall of Records. They do not, for the most part, list Baronial awards. Work is under way to add these awards to the listings, but it will take a considerable amount of time to compile the information.

Also, if your name is not listed, please e-mail ten.e1563623155hciny1563623155erg@r1563623155etsin1563623155imbew1563623155 and we will add it to the list as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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** Also try doing a search from the search engine at the top of the page.  Search by first name, device, or award name.  Award examples:  AoA, GoA, Duchey, Grey Pearl, Estoile, Denial, ect.