Heraldry, Orders, and Awards

OVEY-OVEY… Welcome to the Barony of Grey Niche!

Heralds or Pursuivants are the modern day loudspeakers, drawers of arms or devices, researchers of persona names, and recorders of awards that you are given.   As a loudspeaker, We  make announcements during events so you know what is going on or bring fighters on to the field of battle (think “A Knight’s Tale”). We also help you establish how you would like to be identified in the SCA by helping you blazon (fancy term for drawing) your arms (it’s like your trademark) and who would like to be known as or called in the SCA; your persona name.  We even submit and track those arms and name submissions!


Kingdom, Out-of-Kingdom and local awards (Baronial or lower) recording falls into the Herald’s lap as part of his/her duties since most are given out during a court; yet another facet of in the Herald’s world.


Heralds do a lot, but we get to do it loud and with pomp!   I am here to help you any way I can in relation to the making of your arms, and helping you create, research and submit your persona name. Once all that is done, I will surely have to record the awards that you will be receiving at courts in the future!

Feel free to email me at herald @greyniche.net
For more information see: http://heraldry.sca.org/welcome.html


Baronial Awards

The Baroness has the right and responsibility, and the privilege, of giving recognition to individuals who have contributed to the Society and the Barony. The Baroness encourages all members of the populace to recommend people for any awards they feel are merited.


Order of the Estoil: This is our lower service award, largely for doing the unpleasant grunt work that has to be done to pull off events.


Order of the Grey Pearl: This award is given to members of the barony that develops and shares knowledge in the Arts and Sciences.


Order of The Valiant Heart: Members of the barony that show prowess in fighting, and training fighters, are recognized with this award.

Order of the Denial: A higher service award than the Estoil to recognize those members of the barony that greatly contribute service to the barony. It can carry an Award of Arms with the approval of the Crown.

 Order of Precedence

Unavailable at this time

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