Gulf Wars Info


Gulf Wars is quickly approaching. It’s time to get all those things you SWORE you wouldn’t put off ’til the last minute done! Hopefully, one of those things will be registering for war, and sending your info to the land-crat of the group with which you will be camping.

With that said, the following details what is required for qualification to stay in the Barony of Grey Niche encampment at War.

Gulf Wars registration is full upon us. According to the Gulf Wars website (, mailed reservations must be postmarked no later than 1/31/17.
Online registration is now through PayPal. The link to the PayPal form is here (this will open a new window).

If you are wanting to camp with Grey Niche, you MUST be pre-registered for War. If you aren’t sure what day you’ll get onsite, or you can’t quite swing the entire registration price, you can make your reservations for the last weekend in order to hold your place in camp. You’ll pay the difference when you get to Troll. 

Grey Niche IS  on the drop-down menu for PayPal registration.

If you are registering via Mail (You print the form out and mail it and a check in): The deadline is January 31st. Please write “Grey Niche” on the group camping with line.

If you are registering via PayPal (Online): The deadline is 11:59pm CENTRAL February 15th. Select “GreyNiche” on the drop down.
**THE INVOICE MUST BE PAID BY THE DEADLINE!!**  This means the PayPal deputy must have recieved the request, and invoiced you, and you pubmit payment. It can take UP TO 48 HOURS for this process to play out. So, it is HIGHLY suggested that you begin your registration on the 13th!!!


Please send an email to with the following information:

(Do not send it to my Facebook Messenger. Do not text me with this information. To make sure I don’t lose your information, it all needs to go to the same place! If you register for Grey Niche, but do NOT send this information, your tent will end up in the Ravine.)

  1. Mundane name YOU REGISTERED WITH
  2. SCA Name
  3. Facebook Name (If you want to be added to the Camp’s Facebook group. All important announcements will continue to be sent to both Yahoogroups and the Baronial Facebook group.) **From webmaster – Updates will be posted here as well**
  4. Day arriving onsite (and approximate time)
  5. Type of tent (Canvas/Modern)
  6. Size of tent (ACTUAL SIZE WITH ROPES – If you say you have a 10×12 tent, you are given this exact amount of space, and if your ropes have to go past that, you are OUT OF LUCK because we will not be able to shift around.)
  7. Who/how many is staying in which tent (name registered with, please)
  8. Who you would like to camp near (can’t be promised, but all attempts to accommodate will be made)
  9. Any other structures (kitchen tents, armor tents, etc). (This counts toward your maximum allotted area)

Please remember that there is a land restriction of 15×15 square feet per registered person. Any additional structures will need to fit within the land allotment of the person/group it belongs to. Also, please remember that we have a finite amount of space within the baronial walls. Just because you can “afford” a certain amount of land doesn’t mean that it is going to physically BE there. Please be conservative with your tent choices and request ONLY WHAT YOU NEED

Also, be aware that tents that have a round dimention, such as a Yurt or Soulpad, will be considered as a SQUARE tent with dimentions of that of the diameter. For example, a Solpad with a 20′ diameter (including the ropes) will be considered the same as a 20×20 pavillion.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to a fun war!

Signed: Your Friendly Neighborhood Landcrat – Lord Geirmundr Hrafnsson