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Barony of Grey Niche Presents:

Beltaine: “The Fairy Tale Tournament”

April 25-27, 2014

Piersol Group Camp, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

910 Riddick Road, Millington, Tn 38053


Once upon a time in a land where fairy tales and dreams were real, was a magical barony called GreyNiche. Grey Niche had Kings and Queens a ‘plenty, mighty Knights, incredible artisans, a hard working populace and a beautiful Baroness. Every spring the Barony would gather for a festival full of merrymaking and mischief.

Come join us for merrymaking or mischief, as we start the celebrations with a drum circle, and bardic competition on Friday evening. You may even find a gnome or a fairy amidst the crowd. Stay and enjoythe festivities on Saturday where we will begin with a redcarpet processional, followed by a TOC tournament and Baronial Silver Torc champion. There will be a Sir William Tell Archery competition, as well as a scavenger hunt. Along with those activities the day will be filled with children’s activities, A and S competition and classes.

The evening will be a magical evening with a Fairy Tale Ball, so come as your favorite character, either period or Fairy Tale, for a costume contest. Stay for tasty treats, but try to avoid the poisoned apples.


On Board Off Board
Adult Weekend 20 14
Child Weekend 10 8
Adult Daytrip 12 10
Child Daytrip 10 5


  • Only cash will be accepted at door.
  • Children under 6 and under are free (with no bed or feast). Child price is for under 12 years of age.
  • Adult Non-SCA Members must add $5.00.
  • No family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult members, if all paid members.
  • This is a dry site.
  • Merchants must speak with Park Authorities for fee information.
  • Early bird discount, subtract $3.00 by April 1st.
Autocrat:                                                                                     Feastcrat:
Master Cormac the Bald                                                         THL Olrun Elidasdottir
Mike Fletcher                                                                             Rendy Hunt
901.270.0927 (no calls after 10:00 PM                            225.610.6981 (no calls after 10:00 PM)
moc.l1416613772iamg@1416613772dlabe1416613772htcam1416613772rocre1416613772tsam1416613772                                     renchaos92@


Autocrat                                                                                      Make Checks Payable to:
Lady Catina Marciano                                                             SCA -TN Inc, Barony of Grey Niche
Catina Cooper


Sarah de Warenne
870-739-1209 (no calls after 9pm)
Mail Address:
Barony of Grey Niche: PO Box 11184, Memphis, Tn 38111


Directions to Site:
Take your best route to the corner of HWY. 51 and North Watkins St, just north of
Memphis. Take North Watkins approximately 6 miles north until it ends at a T intersection. Turn left onto
Locke Cuba Road and go about one mile to a stop sign. Turn Right at the stop sign onto Bluff Road. Go about
half a mile and turn left into the park entrance. Take the first right, immediately past the visitors center
and then the first left. Follow this to the Piersol Group Camp. SCA Signs will be posted.