Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres


Award NameAward Date
Award of Arms1989-02-10
Order of the Acorn's Glade - Blackwater1989-05-12
Order of the Argent Estoile1989-06-30
Order of the Oriental Dragon - Far West1991-12-15
Order of the Empty Shell - Far West1992-07-14
Order of the Leaf of Merit1992-10-14
Order of the Meridian Cross1993-05-07
Order of the Burdened Bouget - Far West1993-05-28
Order of Denial - Grey Niche1995-04-28
Order of the Velvet Owl (GOA)1995-04-28
Grant of Arms1997-04-25
Patent of Arms1999-04-09
Order of the Silver Ram2000-10-06
Order of the Ram's Heart2000-10-06
Combattant Ram2001-01-19
Order of the Argent Rapier2001-11-09
Order of the Bough (GOA)2004-07-30
Order of the Queen's Silver Blade2005-12-02
Sovereign's Letter of Endorsement2006-05-19
Jeweled Ring2007-04-20
Court Barony2010-10-29
Court Barony2013-02-01
Augumentation of Arms2015-09-19
Jeweled Ring2015-10-03

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